Activity Management of GCUGameson

I certainly believe in catchy titles for posts and this one is about my usual standard. At our inaugural Coffee Club meeting on Tuesday, one of our colleagues asked how  we managed the process from inception to completion for GCUGameson

As we brainstormed our ideas,it became apparent we needed a resource to manage out time and activities without complexities of project management methodology  such as Prince 2  (“the project standard formerly known as Prince“) or using MS Project. My suggestion was to adapt a trelloboard which I had briefly used but first saw in Blackboard’s own action list for mobile development, (now discontinued but do have a look to get an understanding of this trelloboard was used)

So why Trello? It’s free, visual, easy to use , share and view. Trello enabled us to record ideas and actions to take place. It meant we could take responsibility for an activity, focus on getting things done   and more to the point share with  everyone all of the actions had been completed. It reinforced the sense of achievement and and purpose. The trelloboard was embedded in GCUGameson but hidden from participants since it was used as a course development tool.(see below)


And yet! There is a great opportunity to use Trello as a learning and teaching aid for and with students. You could encourage your students to measure their own progress by creating a trelloboard on a week by week basis to illustrate   where they are on module.  A simple view only approach.

A much more powerful is to set up a trelloboard for each group and get the the students to manage and monitor their own activities during a module activity. In this way, it becomes apparent who did what and when. It may even help resolve the old issue in group assignments of measuring and assessing individual contributions to  the final outcome.

So I would welcome some more ideas of how you would use trello in learning and teaching.


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