#BYOD4L – GCU lunchtime drop in sessions (12 – 16 January 2015)

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Happy New Year from the Blended Learning Team.  If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know that next week sees the latest iteration of the highly engaging open, online course Bring Your Own Device for Learning #byod4l.  GCU are one of the partner institutions this time around.

Along with colleagues from 10 other institutions/organisations we’ll be part of the wider facilitation and support team.

Over the week there will be a lot of online activity in a number of different online spaces including twitter, google+ and Facebook.  In addition we are going to be hosting lunchtime daily drop in sessions every day next week where we can have informal discussion and sharing based on the topic of each day.

Hopefully this will allow us to share some of the best and emerging practices as well as the challenges of using mobile devices effectively for learning and teaching here at GCU.

Below is a draft outline for each day’s session. If you would like to share anything you are doing then please let us know (tweet us @sheilmcn, @lcreanor, @gcujime using #GCUBlend). The sessions will be very informal to encourage as much sharing and discussion as possible.

All the sessions will run from 12.30 – 1.30 – feel free drop in at any time during the hour.

Day 1 Connecting  (location: H116)

Day 2 Communicating (location: H112)

Day 3 Curating (location:H113)

Day 4 Collaborating (location: H116)

Day 5 Creating (location: H113)


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