Clickers, greenscreens, rubrics and much more – February Coffee Club round up

Many thanks to everyone who came along to the Coffee Club earlier today. Particular thanks go to our speaker, Fraser McLeish, for being very patient whilst we sorted out our technical glitches.  His presentation was well worth the wait, and allowed us to have some additional conversations around this year’s NMC HE Horizon Report and wearable technology.

Based on a presentation first given at the Durham Blackboard User Conference earlier this year, Fraser took us on a whirlwind tour of how a number of different technologies are being effectively used for student feedback and interaction within our school of Health and Life Sciences. Or as Fraser called it “point and click for your instant feedback kick”   Clickers, green-screen, padlet, rubrics, grading forms and Turnitin Quick Marks to name but a few were highlighted.

This led to a rich discussion around the creation and use of rubrics.  Whilst we are seeing a steady increase in the use of e-submission tools,  there is still a lot to do in terms of sharing and developing effective practice. However it was generally agreed that working on rubrics within a programme team level was a good starting point and that the time it took to develop them was worth it. Both in terms of more transparency in grading criteria, marks and feedback/forward for students and in terms of time spent marking.

A PDF of Fraser’s presentation is available by clicking the link below

 screenshot of intro slide


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