Carpe Diem Workshop, 20 February

As part of staff support for new online developments here at GCU, the Blended Learning Team ran a  learning design workshop on 20th February. The 2 hour workshop was based on the popular Carpe Diem methodology.  GCU has a long history with Carpe Diem, as Professor Gilly Salmon trialled the process with GCU staff a number of years ago.

Obviously only having 2 hours as opposed to 2 days, did limit the activities and outputs somewhat. However, even within that relatively short time frame,  a number of the programme teams were able to make some good progress in terms of developing their thinking about the approaches they will be taking as they design their new online programmes.

There were also some very useful discussions and sharing of experiences including the Programme approval process in terms of online delivery. Some of our quality and governance procedures probably need updated to reflect online delivery methods and common understandings of equity of the learning experience between wholly online (not traditional distance learning) and face to face programmes. Is a default “design for online” delivery approach one that we need to be taking – if it works online delivery then it should work  too for face to face delivery?

Following from the last meeting where interaction and dialogue was highlight as a key part of the overall online student experience, we had a some useful dialogue around approaches to assessment and feedback. What assessment patterns are most effective for wholly online delivery? What types of assessments should be designing? Is this a chance to be a bit more creative and design more authentic assessements?

As well as running monthly cross University sessions for the online development programmes, the Blended Learning Team will be working with each school to take forward the initial blueprints and storyboards outlined at the workshop.   As a number of the programmes are going live this September, it’s going to be a very busy few months.

Here is the overview presentation for the workshop.

Workshop Resources:


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