8 Steps to creating an institutional OER policy

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As part of Open Education Week,  our coffee club meeting on 13th on March focused on open-ness here at GCU. Marion Kelt, from the library set the scene by by explaining and contexualising what OERs are and how she became an advocate.  Marion also shared her recent work in developing OER guidance and the 8 (ish) steps she has taken in developing the guidance to become institutional policy.

Developing and getting approval of any institutional policy can often take considerable time. But Marion’s diligence has paid off in terms of clarifying a number of policy mysteries and urban myths. For example lots of people referred to a University IPR policy, which despite very strong beliefs, didn’t actually exist.  Part of Marion’s work has been to write IPR and copyright policies.

Marion’s presentation stimulated a wide ranging discussion, from the very  practical “the library can help you to create and share OERs”, to how to attribute resources that no-one knows where they came from but they are really useful, to another area of mythical policy around BYOD. Happily we got confirmation that this policy is actually underdevelopment and should be available soon too.

Hopefully the OER guidelines will be official policy in the new few months. In the meantime copyright, IPR and OER guidance is openly available from the library website.


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