Revisiting the Hybrid Learning Model

graphic of hybrid learning model Earlier this week we held the third of our  staff development session for those involved in developing fully online programmes. Once again we had Dr Alan Mason from Blackboard leading the session. Alan set the scene by showing a range of examples from other institutions around enhanced engagement, personalised support and developing learning communities.

To help us reflect on these issues in GCU context, we used the Hybrid Learning Model. This model was developed by Alan whilst he was working at the University of Ulster. It is a very simple card based tool designed to “capture, describe, reflect on and plan good practice in teaching and learning“.

Each group identified the 3 events they thought would be most challenging for their online developments and explored ways of rethinking them for online delivery.  There was a really rich discussion and lots of sharing of practice and ideas, particularly around more practical lab/clinical based assessments,  reflection and students setting their own learning goals, and once again thinking about staff time and scalability of activities.   What is easily managed for a cohort of 10 students, might not be for a cohort of 30, or 50.   Another really useful session, and it was good to revisit this model to help move forward planning of activities and selection of specific tools and technologies.


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