Should you use twitter, or any other social media for learning and teaching?

We’ve really enjoyed all the lunch time drop in sessions this week. It’s been great to hear from colleagues (in particular Nigel Craig and Ken Anderson) about how they are using tools such as TurnitinUK in their practice. Thanks to all who came along and contributed to the discussions. But, all good things have to come to an end. In our final drop in session this week we turned our attention to social media.

Although we are seeing more and more of our colleagues using social media (in particular twitter) as part of their learning and teaching, we are aware that there are still colleagues who are unsure about it. Our staff guidelines for using social media in learning and teaching provide some general guidance. Social media has the potential to create fuzzy boundaries between one’s professional and personal life. That said, twitter in particular can be really useful.

Having a module #hashtag, can allow you and your students to share information and resources. You can embed a twitter feed directly into a module in GCULearn.  You can have online support sessions using twitter, which in turn can be share and/or built up into additional resources.  Just before the session we spotted this (on google+ – another social media channel).  So, if you’re wondering about twitter,  why not follow the flow chart to see if you should give it a try? Picture of flow chartThe Blended Learning Coffee Club will now go back to monthly meetings. If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to know more about or if you would like to share anything you have been doing, then please let us know via the comments.


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