New Case Study: Using Trello for developing fully online modules

Today at the #altc conference, Linda Creanor presented a summary of the work we’ve been doing with staff around developing fully online courses.  One of the tools we’ve been encouraging our colleagues to explore and use as a way to visually represent their learning designs is Trello.  This was quite a talking point in the session .

As part of sharing effective practice,  we have produced a case study based on the experiences of Dawn Anderson, Senior Lecturer, GSBS, has been developing her existing distance learning programme in Risk Management to a fully online programme. One of the first things Dawn had to do was map the existing course content and activities, but she wasn’t sure how to do it, until she was introduced to Trello.   One of the great things about Trello is its ease of use and flexibility. As Dawn says

“it was so straightforward to use. I think it’s got a lot of scope in terms of how you use it, I think it is really really useful for seeing what is going on across a programme” 

You can download the case study from the link below and the presentation from Dawn explains her context a bit more too. If you are using Trello we’d love to hear about your experiences or your thoughts in the comments.

Trello_case study (PDF)


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