Edshare and Unconscious Bias: December Coffee Club Update

Earlier this week we held our final Blended Learning Coffee Club meet up for 2015.  As ever it was great to see new and regular faces at the meet up.  Our first presentation was from Toby Hanning, Digital Assets Manager in the Library.  Toby gave us an overview and live demo of our new digital streaming server/repository EdShare.  Edshare is a version of the Eprints repository service developed by the University of Southampton.

GCU has quite a history of sharing digital “stuff”, and it was good to be reminded of project such as The Spoken Word.

The new service is primarly for learning and teaching resources. It will allow upload of any file type, has “loads” of storage (hurrah for terrabytes) and once we get single sign on properly sorted will integrate seemlessly with GCULearn.

Open is at its heart and there is a lovely drop down meu of CC licences to choose from when you upload content. Of course not everything needs to be shared with the rest of the world, so again there are options to share just within the university or indeed with select users within the university.  The service will be launching early next year so look out for more information then.

You can find out more from Toby’s presentation.

Our GCU LEAD, Karla Benske, then gave a quick overview of some staff support materials she has been developing around unconscious bias. In terms of learning and teaching unconscious bias can have quite an impact on design decisions.  As we move to more fully online courses, we all need to be more cognisant of unconscious bias and the impact they can have on student engagement.

Karla has been experimenting with some of our favourite tools including Blendspace, Sway and Slate, and is going to write a guest post for us in the New Year about her experiences.

In the meantime why not take a couple of minutes to check out your unconscious bias by watching the Invisible Gorilla video.


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