GCU 2016 Programme Leaders Event

Our annual  GCU Programme Leaders Event took place on 2 March at the National Piping Centre. Many thanks to all our presenters and delegates for working with the lack of wifi. Despite that we did have enough tweets to create a summary of the event which you can view here. 

Developing digital capability in learning and teaching was a key theme for the day.  In this context we have defined our approach to (digital) learning as

“developing creative approaches to learning, teaching and assessment through the effective use of technology on campus and online to enhance student engagement and enhance flexible access through a range of digital devices”

As Alison Nimmo highlighted in her presentation, being digitally capable and developing digital teaching and learning often requires “reflection in action” and having a  Plan B (and possibly C).  All our speakers coped incredibly well with the lack of internet connection in the venue.  We did manage to get some comments on our padlet wall, but pen and paper worked well in the venue too.



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