Open Education week 2016 – GCU Open Learning Design Guides

Over the past year we’ve been working with colleagues to support and develop approaches to fully online delivery. This has included us producing a number of guides and resources outlining our suggest design methodology.  We have been sharing our approaches as they have evolved over the past year, but until now the guides have only been shared internally.


What better week to share some of these resources  than this week,  Open Education Week.  You can access the text (word) versions of our overview design guides via our open educational resources repository, edShare (direct links below).

Both of these guides have been written for our (GCU) learning and teaching context,  however the general principles we advocate are generic enough to be used by others. We have also tried not to reinvent the wheel and use other (open) resources/methodologies wherever possible.

We have also produced online versions of the guides which are embedded below.

Curriculum Design Overview for Online Delivery

A Guide to developing Fully Online Modules in GCULearn


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