Opening the black box: Using technology to map the dynamics of workplace learning

Internal and external colleagues maybe interested in this upcoming seminar being held at GCU on 18th May.  For additional information, please contact:

Speaker: Dr Maaike Endedijk, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Date/time: Wednesday 18 May 2016, 15:00 – 16:30 (registration from 14:30)

Venue: Glasgow Caledonian University, Centre for Executive Education, Room 4, CEE (building 7 on this campus map:

Webcast: The event will be webcast (register your interest and details will be sent on)

Abstract: Digital technology has become increasingly central to support professional learning at the workplace. The use of technology to investigate the nature of workplace learning is, however, still in its infancies. Learning at the workplace is often social and informal in nature. Due to the covert nature of many of these processes, informal social learning at the workplace is extremely difficult to measure. Wearable sensors have opened a new world of research possibilities to study the dynamic characteristics of social interaction in an innovative and pioneering way.  In this seminar, I would like to give insights in the outcomes of our first studies using sensor technology to describe the dynamics of social interaction patterns at work as a proxy for informal social learning. We will discuss the benefits and downsides of using sensor technology to study learning at the workplace and explore together a new world of research possibilities.

Bio: Maaike Endedijk is Assistant Professor in Professional Learning in Organisations in the Department of Educational Sciences at University of Twente in the Netherlands. Her main research interest is in self-directed professional learning in the workplace. She focuses on the antecedents, consequences and interactions of individual and team-level processes of learning. Her ambition is to develop innovative measurement techniques (e.g., using sensor technology) to get more insights into the black box of these learning processes.

Registration: Attendance is free and open to all but places are limited so please book in advance by emailing:


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