Once again GCU is taking part in the national open, online course, Bring Your Own Device for Learning (#BYDO4L) which is running for 5 days next week, 16th – 20th January.

BYOD4L is a bite-size facilitated open course offered over 5 days for educators and students  in HE but also anybody else who would like to learn with us as to how we can utilise our digital devices for professional, lifelong and lifewide learning. You can find out more about the event here.

During the week participants explore topics based on the 5C Framework.  The Blended Learning Coffee club ( facilitated by The Academic Development Team) will be providing daily lunch time drop in sessions for staff in H116 , where we will be discussing the topic of the day, and our own professional (and personal) experiences.

  • Day 1 (Monday  12.30 – 1.30) : Connecting – introduction and connecting to/with BYOD4L.
  • Day 2 (Tuesday 12.30 -1.30): Communicating – how can  we communicate more effectively internally and externally using mobile devices/apps/social media?
  • Day 3 (Wednesday 12.30-1.30): Curating – update on edShare, our educational resource repository.
  • Day 4 (Thursday 1.00- 2.00pm): Collaborating – Using Collaborate Ultra GCUs learning and teaching web conferencing system  (online session, but you can come along to H116 and have a collaborative experience too). Join the session here PLEASE USE CHROME BROWSER,
  • Day 5 (Friday 12.30 – 1.30 ): Creating – reflection on the week and sharing our BYOD4L stories, what have been the highlights and how can we share those experiences in our own contexts?

We hope that many colleagues will be able to join us at various points over the week.


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