Blended learning still a key trend, Horizon 2020 HE Edition

Every year the NMC produce a trends report for HE. It’s always something to look out for, to give an indication of trends in learning and technology for the sector. The report is developed with input from an invited panel of international experts who collectively deliberate, cogitate and develop the key trends for each year. (The also report includes a detailed overview of the Delphi based methodology that was used).

The infographic below provides a summary of this years report.


The trends are just that, trends. Some you will agree with more than others, some seem to have a bit more longevity than others.  Interestingly this year, the report includes a review of the past six years, which clearly illustrates some of the recent ed tech fads and fashions (e.g. MOOCs), and some of the more enduring (real?) challenges the sector is facing.

Blended Learning (or blended learning designs as it is called in the report) appears consistently in the key trends since 2012.  For those of us involved in this area, that is great. It shows that we still need to focus on design learning and effective use of technologies. I also suspect that blended learning has embraced and embedded a number of the other key trend, significant challenges and developments in technology identified by the reports over the past six years, particularly mobile and bring your own device.

Blended delivery is now mainstream.  Ensuring that we are designing effective learning activities, assessment and feedback opportunities is constantly evolving.  Hopefully it will be a key trend for a few more years to come.

You can access the full report here.





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