Thinking about joining things up with ThingLink

I am always looking for simple ways to present or perhaps represent content, links and well “stuff” in general.   Over the last couple of months I’ve been having a play with Thinglink.

Thinglink is an web based application that allows users to enhance images and videos with hyperlinked content.  So you can take an image, and then “tag” it, to create hotspots which link to related resources/additional information. For example if you had a map you could tag specific buildings/parks and provide links to related resources and additional information like this.  In a similar vein, I can imagine an interactive guide to a lab/specialist equipment.

I have used it to enhanced a diagram illustrating the work of our department which is now part of our website.  More recently, I’ve used it to create a more visual, interactive guide to some support resources for the Collaborate Ultra web conferencing system.

There’s also the ability to tag videos and create 360 videos, but you have to pay for that level. Just now I am finding the free to use version more than adequate for my needs.  The subscription version also includes more sophisticated “education” specific functions, like setting up groups.  However, I don’t really have a need to do that just now.

The finished resources can be easily shared on line and also embedded in GCULearn.  So, another little tool to think  if you have an image that you would like to enhance or have a some related web links that you would like to contextualise. Or you might think about getting students to use it to create some digital artefacts.

If you have any thoughts or have used Thinglink,  we’d love to hear them in  the comments.



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