Blended Learning Coffee Club

The Blended Learning Coffee Club started in October 2014.  It is an informal meeting open to all GCU staff to discuss and share approaches to digital, blended learning and using technology in learning and teaching generally. It meets once a month.

Great discussions, informal environment and a free coffee. What’s not to like?

We also have an open site which provides more information ideas, and cases studies.

NB if you are a GCU member of staff your GCU log-in details will not work, you will need to create a new user name and password or log-in using an existing google/facebook/linkedin account.

Next meeting: tbc

Last meetings

Tuesday 17 May: Sabine McKinnon, Anne Smith on COIL (collaborative online international learning)

Thursday 25th February, 12.45, H116, Allan Thomson on using Google Hangouts for web conferencing 

11 -15 January 2016 – #BYOD4L  drop in sessions info available here.

10 December : Edushare and Unconscious Bias

10 November: Using in learning and teaching

2nd October – To rubric or not to rubric?

Catch up on our September week of drop in sessions:

Archive of all coffee club events


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